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R56210 Haemorrhoidal Injection Set - Straight

R56210: Haemorrhoidal Injection Set straight needle
10ml three finger syringe, drawing up cannula

Carton: 25 units

Datasheet: pdf

SKU: R56210

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Product Description


Rocket® Haemorrhoid Injection Sets provide a safe, reliable method of injection of oily Phenol BP or other sclerosing agents as an
outpatient treatment for haemorrhoids.

The design features:

  • COMFORTABLE three finger ring grip for ease of injection of viscid Phenol.
  • ANGLED or STRAIGHT luer lock needle for ease security and improved ease of access.
  • WIDE BORE needle with 18G distal tip to provide maximum control during injection.
  • SUPPLIED COMPLETE with filling cannula for ease of use in the busy clinic setting.
  • RELIABLE, practical and competitively priced to ensure best value for your department.Rocket Haemorrhoidal Injection Set straight needle, 10ml three finger syringe, drawing up cannula

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product code R56210
Needle size G 18
Length: cm 10
Echogenic No
Sharps Safe? No
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Supplied Sterile Yes
Units per carton 25
UK use only FTK063
CH2 Order Code: 1968687
USL use only 856210
Country of Manufacture U.K.