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R54400-16-MT Rocket IPC Pleural & Peritoneal Catheter Insertion Set with metal tunneller

R54400-16-MT: Rocket IPC Indwelling Pleural Catheter Insertion Set with metal tunneller

Carton: 1 insertion set for single use


SKU: R54400-16-MT

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Product Description


Rocket IPC Indwelling Pleural & Peritoneal Catheter Insertion Set with Metal Tunneller is indicated for intermittent, long term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent, pleural effusion. Including malignant pleural effusions that do not respond to medical treatment of underlying disease.

The system features:


  • Soft, kink resistant material approved for long use, giving increased patient comfort.
  • 16Fg x 40cm catheter with 24cm fenestrated section, large diameter holes to maximise drainage and reduce occlusion risk.
  • Polyester cuff to promote rapid tissue in-growth, minimising infection risk and aiding catheter security.


  • A complete kit with metal tunneler for optimum catheter positioning and improve patient comfort
  • Simple, cost effective, long term treatment for pleural effusion.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product code R54400-16-MT
Size - FG 16
Length: cm 40
Insertion procedure wire
Echogenic No
Radiopaque Yes
Supplied Sterile Yes
Units per carton 1
Sharps Safe? Yes
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
UK use only FET1545
CH2 Order Code: 2060998
USL use only 854400-16-MT
Country of Manufacture U.K.
Video No